Zombie Doctor Costume

Everyone will be running in the opposite direction wherever you go this Halloween if you wear this Zombie Doctor Costume.  This walking dead ensemble in 3-D form is scary enough to raise the dead!


The Zombie Doctor Costume features pants, a shirt, a mask, a cap, and gloves. This costume comes in child, teen and adult sizes which are standard sizes, in addition to plus sizes.  It is designed to comfortably fit most men up to 300 lbs.  However, you may want to go with the next size up to ensure that you will have room to add long underwear or other layers if the weather is chilly.


The doctor’s scrubs are a tattered shirt and torn pants filled with holes that expose all the rotting flesh, blood and exposed pvc bones … the pvc chest exposes the bones and other organs and the tattered pants expose other pvc bones in the knee area with stuff oozing from it.


The creepy zombie face mask features an attached long, gray wig that finishes off this undead look.  If you don’t like the look or fit of the mask that is included, you could purchase another gruesome zombie mask and wear the surgical cap over it.


The lab coat is not included but nice grungy surgical gloves are included to complete the look.


This truly terrifying costume is great for waking up the party or scaring trick-or-treaters who dare to ring your doorbell.  The hunt for brains will rage on but your search for the perfect zombie costume ends here with the Zombie Doctor Costume!строительство домов в ноябрьскепродвижение видео в youtubeclub car roof coverпродвижение сайта цена в месяцреставрация паркета ценаЧехол для манка Егерь.

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