Video Game Costumes for Boys

Just like boys enjoy copying their favorite heroes, both on screen and off, they also like to dress up as the characters they see when they play video games. The Super Mario Bros video game franchise has costumes where boys can dress up as Mario. 

This costume has the jumpsuit as seen on the game and it also has the hat and funny mustache. Luigi is another character in the Super Mario Bros game that’s a well-liked Halloween costume. 

Like Mario’s costume, this is also a jumpsuit but it features a green instead of a red shirt. It also comes with the hat and funny mustache. Another character from this video game is the Toadstool. The costume for this character features the vest and overly large mushroom hat that’s white with bright red circles. 

Angry Birds is a video game with many different characters. Some of the costumes available are the red bird costume that you make larger by putting some more stuffing into. The green King Pig costume from Angry Birds is a top seller. Just add a pair of black pants to the costume and you’ll be ready to keep the eggs or candy rather safe! 

The Black Angry Bird costume is the tunic with the scowling bird on the front that will get a laugh despite his angry expression. The Yellow Angry Bird costume is a tunic that will fit comfortably and allow you to stick with the flock all night long in search of candy. 

Pac Man is still a video game that boys love to play and the Pac Man costumes are available in different characters. The main Pac Man character costume features the bright yellow character with wide-open mouth and the pie shaped eyes. 

The bodysuit is both warm and comfortable. The Blinky Costume from Pac Man is a red slip over featuring the wide eyes that are on the lookout for Pac Man and candy of course! 

The orange colored Clyde from Pac Man is also available and the costume is in the same style as Blinky. From the Beyblade video game, the most popular character costumes for boys are Gingka and Metal Fusion Ryuga. 

Based on the popular movie, Tron Legacy, there was also a video game by the same title and now, there’s a character from the video game that will make a great Halloween costume. 

The Tron Legacy character has the black jumpsuit with the decorative additions that make it reflect light. With the patch and muscled arms and chest, this costume is perfect for any little adventurer.

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