Sally Halloween Costume

In Halloween Town there was a scientist named Dr. Finklestein who created a rag doll named Sally and brought her to life.  Sally is hopelessly in love with the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington.  She is also the movie’s heroine when she attempts to save Santa, only to be captured by the Oogie Boogie.


You can be the sweet and well-meaning rag doll in this Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume.  This Sally costume makes a great Halloween costume that’s spooky scary, but still cute.


The costume includes the colorful patchwork dress with bold  Raggedy Ann-like stitching.  The back of this costume is in a solid pink fabric with no pattern.  It comes in standard adult, teen and plus sizes.


The dress tends to run small so you may want to order the next larger size.  Wearing a slip or color-appropriate undergarments will offer more coverage and warmth.


The Sally costume comes with matching raggedy-stitched  long teal-colored fingerless gloves and a red yarn wig.  The wig may not be as full as you may like.  You can stitch in more matching red yarn or purchase a red wig of your choice to give you the comfort and/or look you prefer.


Lace Goth Victorian Boots

Goth Victorian Boots

Complete your ensemble with some cute Goth Granny Boots.  These boots are very comfortable and perfect for this look.


The make-up is not included but you can easily create her look with a make-up kit and the video included within this article.  Gothic make-up kits are offered below for your convenience.  Bookmark this page so you can use the image and video as your guide when applying the make-up and recreating Sally’s face.

Sally Make-up Accessories

Sally Make-up

These Corpse Lips and Stitches are perfect for your glittery zombie, dead doll or Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The lips and stitches stick on well and are reusable.

The Sally Nightmare Before Christmas costume is perfect on its own or as a couple’s costume with Jack Skellington.   If you are a true blue fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, this is the costume for you!

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