Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Scream Halloween Costume

Whether you are “big and tall” or “short and wide”, there’s a large array of Halloween costume ideas for men in just your size.  Finding a costume that will fit you is no longer a problem.   Men now have the same size choices as the women’s line of clothing, and there are plenty of plus-size costumes for men to choose from this Halloween season.

The top selling men’s plus-size Halloween costumes include some classic examples of character costumes and scary ones, too!   Popular blockbuster movies are the impetus for a lot of the costumes we enjoy today.

A toga outfit is very popular with plus-size men. It’s very comfortable because it gives you lots of extra fabric.  The toga or Julius Caesar look is bold and distinctive and brings back beloved Animal House memories.

Another costume for plus-sized men that exudes comfort is the horror movie costume from Scream. The ghost face character mask is worn with a black hooded robe and belted costume that covers you from head to toe. Carry a knife (maybe one with animated blood in it) and it will scare everyone this Halloween.

A voice modifier like the “Voice Master” would be an excellent voice synthesizer to use along with your Scream, monster or horror costume.  The Voice Master’s portable 9-volt microphone and amplifier will distort the voice to sound like a robot, alien, monster, etc.  The kit includes a microphone with an attached flexible cord and a special effect sound box.

If you’re into pirate movies, you might want to check out the plus-sized Jack Sparrow costume for men … straight from the movie creation of Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you don’t have long hair like Jack, you can wear a wig to the party instead.

One bestselling men’s plus-size costume is the Viking Warrior!  This costume is for a man who wants to project a formidable presence when he walks in the party.   This costume, along with the Viking hat, looks very intimidating.  Carry a sword to complete the look.

If you want to wear a superhero costume, they have those in plus-sizes for men, too. You can find them for Green Lantern, Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, and any other popular characters you’ve seen in the comics over the years.

Career costumes are popular choices for larger men, too. You can wear a costume to be a police officer, firefighter, athlete, referee, chef, doctor, or military man. Women love a man in uniform … you will be a heartthrob!

One really fun way to dress up this year is in mono-tone.  Buy a head-to-toe spandex suit, or morph suit in a color of your choice. You can see out of the material, and even drink through it, so there’s no need to keep removing your mask throughout the night.  These costumes can be accessorized in any way you see fit.  Add a wig or headdress, boots, sword, etc. to complete your look.

Ask your lady friend if she’s dressing up as anything special.  If she’s Cinderella, for instance, then you can buy a plus-sized men’s Prince Charming costume.  If she’s dressing up as a Viking Princess, you can accompany her as a Viking Warrior.  If she’s Snow White, you can go as a Huntsman. If she’s dressing up as a Geisha girl, then you can dress like a Samurai Warrior.   If she is dressing as a Nurse, you can go as a Doctor wearing scrubs or a lab coat.  If she’s dressing as a Witch or Voodoo Priestess, then you can go as a Witch Doctor.  If you want to sport the Zombie look, she can be a Zombie Bride or Zombie Housewife.

There are an abundance of Halloween costume ideas for men in plus-sizes.  Many looks and styles are available that’s bound to make a statement.   However, the most popular costumes go FAST, so be sure to purchase your costumes as soon as possible.


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