Most Popular Zombie Wigs

Don’t let a head covered in rich, healthy looking hair be the detail that makes your zombie costume look unrealistic …


The zombie wigs featured here perfectly compliment the look of the walking dead … the undead … the living dead … the zombie.  You can’t pull off the look without one.  They give you the right amount of grunge, decay and deterioration to help you be the best of zombies.


Zombie Wig

Sexy Zombie Wig

Be the “death” of the party in this great new Sexy Zombie Wig made especially for the wild woman! It should be the perfect finishing touch for any female zombie costume.

Zombie Wig

Zombie Dreadlocks Wig


This Zombie Dreadlocks Rocker Wig will make any zombie look like a rocker who just dug his way out of the trenches.  Looks like he can hang with the best of the dreadful ones!


Zombie Punk Rock Wig

Punk Rock Wig


Make your punk rock outfit more authentic with the Men’s Black Monster Mohawk Wig.  This accessory includes a tall black spiked mohawk wig. You’ll be ready to rock out this Halloween when you add this hairstyle to any costume.
Zombie Wig

Creepy Zombie Wig


Complete your zombie costume with this Creepy Zombie Wig!  The women’s wig has netting on the inside for a comfortable fit. Long synthetic strands of greenish blue and white hair give the wig an extra spooky appearance.  You can definitely make any zombie costume more realistic with this scary wig.

Dead Head Zombie Wig

Zombie Grave Wig

Dead head!  Awaken from your slumber and walk among the living! Complete your look with the cool dirty white Zombie Grave Wig that features a green tint. Sure to be a gruesome sight on Halloween night!








Zombie Biohazard Wig

You’ll look like a man who only wants ladies for their brains in the Biohazard Zombie Noxious Adult Wig which features forest green locks with neon green highlights.  This Biohazard Zombie wig will take your “undead” costume to the next level.

Zombie Wig

Zombie Biohazard Wig


Biohazard Zombie Infected Wig  for women features dark green bio-hazard zombie hair with light green highlights.  It works well with a variety of zombie looks.  But be careful … you’re sure to get gangrene if you touch it!


When it comes to achieving that proper look, the right hair can actually make or break your zombie look.   And for just the right hair for your ghoulish disguise, you’ve come to the right place.  Grab your zombie wig today … don’t wait!

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