Most Popular Witch Costumes for 2013

group of witch halloween costumes Most Popular Witch Costumes for 2013


The most popular witch costumes for 2013 will be hard to determine because there will be so many stunning costumes available online and at retail stores this year.  Witches and the folklore surrounding them make witch costumes one of the most popular choices for Halloween.    Halloween would not be Halloween without a witch flying around scaring the pants off other Halloween party-goers or trick-or-treaters.

Classic witches, as we know them through legend and folklore, are usually old, cackling, and ugly women wearing black.    But that image does not define all witches!

There is a vast array of witch costumes available online that will help you conjure up all kinds of spells.  This year, you will find them in all styles, sizes and colors.

wicked witch halloween costume Wicked Witch of the West


The most iconic and wicked witch of them all is the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz movie.  Halloween would not be Halloween without seeing her face!  This costume comes with a full-length black gown, petticoat, and hat.   This style to available in four sizes:  child; teen; adult; and plus-size adult.  Look out!!! She’s going to get you and your little doggie too!



sorceress witch halloween costume Sorceress Witch Costume

Be a wickedly powerful sorceress with an evil eye, casting spells on your friends in this enchanting costume.  This Sorceress costume will brew up a lot of magic this Halloween!  It comes complete with a jagged-edge purple dress that has bell sleeves and a sheer black overlay.  There is also a matching witch hat, necklace with ‘eyeball’ medallion, and an ‘eyeball’ hand accessory to complete this wickedly magical look.


elegant sexy witch halloween costume Elegant Witch Costume

You want to be a traditional, yet elegant and stunning witch?  Well, this witchy-style costume will give you an elegant, sophisticated, and sexy look.  The dress is made of shimmery, shiny black fabric and has a jagged-edge hemline.  The dress is belted and has an elastic neckline that can be worn on or off the shoulder.  The sleeves are fitted but flare out at the elbow and sweep the hands with jagged, witchy-style edges.  This costume is topped off with a traditional black pointed witch hat that has a wire brim and a gold buckle accent.


Glamour Witch Halloween Costume for Women Glamour Witch Costume


Brew up some enchantingly wicked fun in this Glamour Witch Costume!  It gives you traditional styling but has a lot of added glamour and sultry sophistication.  There is also a matching girl’s version, perfect for a Mom-n-Daughter look.  This costume comes with a black and purple long dress with a long purple sash and a coordinating black and purple hat.


glinda good witch halloween costume Glinda Witch Costume


Wield your power as Glinda, the good witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz.  Transform yourself into this gentle and beautiful witch with this pretty pale pink satin gown and headpiece, and guide Dorothy through the Land of Oz!



Emerald Witch Halloween Costume Emerald Witch Costume


You’ll make everyone green with envy when you don this sassy, stylish Emerald witch costume.  This head-turning costume features a sexy emerald green bubble dress with a black overdress and brooch closure.  It also comes with a matching pointy hat and black and green striped tights.


goth maiden witch halloween costume Goth Witch Costume



Bedazzle the crowd with this Goth Maiden Witch Costume.  This medieval-style dress is elegant with a gothic twist.  This witch costume features a black and green pleated dress with sheer lace sleeves and a matching detailed, pointed witch hat.


classic wicked witch halloween costume Classic Wicked Witch Costume



This Classic Witch Costume is bewitchingly beautiful!  It includes a black long-sleeved tailored top, ankle-length long black skirt with elastic waist, black cape, and a matching signature witch hat with attached scarf.



candy corn witch halloween costume

Candy Corn Witch Costume


This tasty Candy Corn Witch Costume will surely cast a sugar-coated spell of seduction.  It is colorful and features an orange, yellow, black, and white peasant top gartered dress with orange and white striped stockings.  This wickedly sweet outfit has an orange, yellow and black witch hat to complete the candy corn look.




Whether you prefer muttering evil spells over boiling cauldrons or creating love potions that no one can resist, there’s a witch costume made just for you.  Now is the time to purchase your costume.  If you shop online, you will find a lot of witch costumes from which to choose.


What kind of witch will you be for Halloween … scary, sweet or sexy?   Let your witchy alter ego determine which of the most popular witch costumes for 2013 is the perfect one for you.    Start shopping now because the most popular costumes will sell out fast.строительства домадома под ключ ценасковородка вогpackkoбронирование тура Коттедж лапландияBolyGuard MG882K-12mHD.

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