Iron Woman – Strong and Sexy


The Avengers include only one woman in their team, but you can improvise if there are more women in your group willing to take part in the Avengers mission at your Halloween party. 

A red dress with golden inlay will perfectly highlight your features while still resembling the powerful and charming Iron Man. For a more credible look, you can choose to wear an Iron Man mask. If, on the other hand, you would like a more feminine Ironette look, you can choose any red and golden head accessory that will complement your outfit. Complete the Ironette look with a pair of long, red, high heels boots.

Note that the only female Iron Man costumes available (as of 2012) are from Iron Man 2, so you’ll have the Mark VI model with the triangular arc reactor.валюта танзаниикуплю посудутайланд дайвинг снорклингcar cover parking permit windowDenon Black DP-300F 4560119536112BolyGuard MG983G-30M.

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