Classic Halloween Costumes for Men

Classic Halloween costumes for men can be scary, ordinary, or even cute and cuddly.  Transform yourself into a gruesome movie character, a pirate, a man in uniform, a pilot or a knight in shining armour.

There’s always something about the pirate costume that gets attention. Because no matter what the style or color of the costume, a pirate costume speaks of danger and intrigue and women love a sexy pirate.

You can dress like a swashbuckling hero in costume with the long vest, pants and waist sash. With the dreads, bandana and dark eyeliner, you’ll be the captain of Halloween night.  You can even wear a hook hand extension or wear a parrot on your shoulder for added effect.

Speaking of sexy, there’s something about a man in a uniform that just rocks. The men’s police officer costume certainly earns the title of sexy. It generally comes with the hat, belt for attaching the weapon, badge, handcuffs, baton and nametag. The sunglasses and shoes are usually not included.   Attach a pair of handcuffs to your belt for a nice touch!

Fighting fires is a dream that some little boys have and don’t outgrow when they become men. That dream can be a reality for Halloween night with the men’s firefighter costume. The costume usually has plenty of pieces, including the overall pants featuring the reflective lines down the sides. It has the protective overcoat and helmet depicting that this fireman is there to protect and serve.

Men’s military costumes are a great idea for Halloween and you can find costumes for every branch of the service. The men’s white navy sailor costume comes with the military style white pants and shirt as well as the hat and neckpiece. Soldier’s camouflage costumes also make great choices for Halloween wear.

Top gun pilots became popular back in the 80s and as a result, the men’s aviator flight suits are still popular classic costumes for men. These jumpsuits come complete with military insignia patches. There is also a wingman costume available.   You can wear some aviator sunglasses and add a nice bomber jacket if the weather is cool to enhance your look.

Not all flights have military men at the controls and becoming a pilot for Halloween is as easy as donning the pilot’s costume. There are several in this line and they come with a jacket, pants and hat. The jacket is trimmed with gold, has gold buttons down the front and is decorated with flight insignia.

The valiant knight is a costume that has roots in medieval times and has the tunic with hood as well as the sword and shield. Being a prince was as important during medieval times as it is today – and the prince costume features the pants and tailcoat along with the sash across the coat. The royal Prince Charming costume is also available and a big hit at costume parties, especially when Cinderella is there, too!бизнес каркасные домапродвижение медициныsmm стоимостьcar cover for 370z roadsterзарядного устройстваКомплект ДУ для манка Hunterhelp.

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