Can Halloween Mask Sales Predict Our Next President?


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Now with the Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, there appears to be a draw in terms of declaring a winner.  However, President Barack Obama has been leading in the political polls.  And if Halloween mask sales can predict our next President, then Barack Obama will be declared the winner in November.

Barack Obama Halloween Mask


Several major retailers of Halloween costumes have been keeping a tally for over 20 years of the number of political masks sold during an election year and the person declared the winner at the polls.  They have been predicting the winner with 100% accuracy since Ronald Reagan’s rubber likeness outsold Jimmy Carter’s in 1988.  The candidate with the most sales of their rubber likeness has prevailed at the polls ever since.
According to the Huffington Post, the Barack Obama mask has been leading the race in popularity at the checkout counter by approximately 30%.  Mitt Romney has some catching up to do.  Whether you believe these predictions to be silly or not, they have been correct for approximately 20 years.


In past elections:

  • Bill Clinton masks outsold Bob Dole masks 71% to 29%.  (Clinton won)
  • George W. Bush masks outsold Al Gore masks 57% to 43%  (Bush won)
  • George W. Bush masks outsold John Kerry masks 65% to 35% (Bush won)
  • Barack Obama masks outsold John McCain masks 60% to 40% (Obama won)

Mitt Romney Halloween MaskThis year, we’re seeing Obama in a commanding lead over Romney for his rubber likeness by approximately a 2-to-1 margin.  In states known for being either Blue or Red, purchases of political Halloween masks have changed the landscape to the opposite color.

For example, in Texas, a state that most pollsters agree is firmly Republican, shows Barack Obama masks are beating Mitt Romney masks in sales.  Meanwhile, in Massachusettes, which is a historically Democratic state by all accounts, show Romney masks outselling Obama masks.

Let’s not forget the Vice-Presidential candidates because they also fit into this equation with quite a few sales of their own masks.  In Alabama, Paul Ryan is making up 100% of GOP-themed Halloween masks.  Joe Biden is seeing a commanding lead in mask sales in North Carolina where his rubber likeness is responsible for 49% of Democratic mask sales.

A lot of Presidential Halloween mask buyers are buying masks of the candidate of their opposing party.  You don’t always have to go with the person you support.  It’s all about having fun, raising eyebrows, and making a statement.  There are even masks with a scary or zombified look that’s sure to run chills down anyone’s spine.

If you widen the field beyond current candidates, however, Richard Nixon has been a favorite.  As a matter of fact, most Halloween stores report that Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon masks are their most popular sellers.  Abe Lincoln masks are also popular and a favorite among history buffs and those who want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.  Another crowd favorite among trick-or-treaters has been the Bill Clinton mask.  It has been a consistent seller for many years.

Have you considered donning the face of your favorite on Halloween?  Is your favorite Presidential candidate leading in the race?  If not, you may way to help him along by wearing his rubber likeness on Halloween.


So, with the Presidential election only several weeks away, whose Presidential Halloween mask will you sport on Halloween … Obama or Romney???

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